Shotoku Taishi eden (Illustrated Biography of Shotoku Taishi),
Tanzan Jinja

Four 15th-century hanging scrolls, measuring146.1-148 cm. x 81-81.1 cm. and painted on silk, comprise this illustrated biography Shotoku Taishi, which recounts each year of his life from his birth to death.

Each scroll of the many versions of this illustrated biography is based on the Shotoku Taishi denryaku text of the prince's biography, but only the Tonomine version and the 14th century version that was previously in the collection of Kannonshoji in Azuchi-machi in Shiga depict the scene of the slaying of Soga no Iruka.

The commentary on the painting was supplemented by information from the Shotoku Taishi yukari no meiho (Treasures related to Shotoku Taishi) exhibit at Osaka Municipal Art Museum, to whom we wish to express our gratitude.

1 hanging scroll

Shotoku Taishi eden, 1 hanging scroll

This electronic image is funded by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research in 2008.